Friday, July 28, 2006

First blog, first prosthetic...

Well this is it, my first blog. Seems to be ok except the page refreshed out of no where and deleted everything I had wrote in my original "first blog". So now I'm going with something a little shorter! These first pictures are from my final exam(Feb 2006) while attending the Make Up design course at VFS, which is an incredible school by the way and the course was amazing! Just a side note they now offer an even more intensive course involving even more prosthetics!! I myself am little upset I never got the chance to take this version of the course , but in all, am glad I chose this school. Back to the final I decided to go with an aging prosthetic. The first done at VFS for a final, though a girl in my class also chose it as well. We were the first class to do it!! So I ended up creating 3 pieces; one that cover the forehead and brows(new brows were hand laid), a nose extension and the mother piece being a one piece cheeks/chin/partial neck prosthetic. These were made out of prosthetic grade gelatin, and colored with Illustrator Palettes. I felt for a first timer I had done well. So please enjoy and tell me what you think!!

Just as a final note, this first work I did is also on the VFS website now as an example of aging prosthetics, for their new one year course!