Saturday, October 27, 2007

Quick post, older material though!

This is was a dislocated compound wrist fracture. It was made for a BC Hydro first aid relay competition at their company event. I sculpted it on a plate mold and ran with gelatin. I first stippled in some latex in the bone section then backed it with pros aide, once the gelatin was poured and cooled, the latex suck nicely to that area, giving the bone a different shade and texture. The finished effect (colored with skin illustrator), I felt turned out excellent for what it was! The guys who saw it were totally in shock, you'd swear it was real!

It's been way too long!

Well I haven't posted on here for over 10 months now!!!! Yes it has been a while, but trust me I have actually been working, no lie!

These latest pics are from work done in a shop here in Vancouver. Both sculpts shown are for the TV series 'Flash Gordon'. The first is deformed leg for the character Renkel. It was seen in a quick shot, and not from the best angle, could barely even tell it was deformed(oh well!). The sculpt had to be done in 2 days, from armature construction to finished sculpt. The over all lay out is pretty cool I think, how ever the sculpt in general could have used at least a good 3 more passes of texture. All in all I like the piece! It was run in gelatin backed with foam. I ended up painting it but have no pics of the paint job.

The second sculpt was done for the same character as well. The sculpt is of a scull plate the guy has on his head. The final plate used in the show ended up being an altered version. The original had a large hole in the plate with a veiny fluid sack bulging out. It also originally covered the left eye brow, but it was felt it may restrict facial expressions so it was cut back. The brain hole was made smaller, and wasn't bulging anymore. It was changed to a see through window with brain matter visible. I used a fast cast resin copy of the original that was cut back and then re sculpted in clay. The piece was colored and finished by Andre Gaul (an amazing artist if I do say so myself!) The sculpt was suppose to look like it was made of metal and have "electronic" designs and engravings. The "3 circle" pattern is also a part of the plot line, though I do not know exactly what it represents. Enjoy!