Thursday, May 21, 2009

Canadian Makeup Show Demo's: Part One - Sculpts.

So for the Canadian Makeup Show (held April 4th and 5th '09), friend, coworker and makeup artist Stan Edmonds ask me if I would be interested in doing a makeup demo at the VFS booth. I of course am always up for another make up project and also supporting the school.

I decided that doing a different one each day would be cool, and also give me a great side project for the evenings and weekend after the 9-5 shop work. I did a face cast of Jon and Katie both from MKD08 (newest VFS makeup class). I right away new I wanted to do a burn scar on Jon, and then decided to do a subtle aging makeup on Katie. I first sculpted and completed the scar make up molds. It was a single sculpt floated off and broken down into 4 appliances. The over all piece was an awkward shape, and breaking it down not only aided in application but also in molding as there was now no undercut worries. It turned out great!

I then started Katie's makeup. I got the 3 piece sculpt based out and was gonna float off and finish on the separate molds. I then decided I didn't want to do gelatin both days, and thought it would be better to do something different for the second day. Just making a run of bondo transfers last week for friend and mentor Charles Porlier, I decided it would be cool to do a full bondo transfer makeup.

I removed the original age sculpt (I really like the forms a lot too, oh well ) and quickly drew on a cut/scratch pattern, I then quickly roughed in the cut edges and then refine them all. It actually went quite quickly pre drawing them, as I knew exactly what to do and didn't need to come up with it off the top of my head. Once the were 95% done I floated them off, flattened them all and finished the sculpts. The flattening is required in the making of bondo transfers. I then poured up a silicone mold.

Here are the gelatin burn and bondo transfer cut sculpts. Makeup's to come soon!

Burn Sculpt.

Floated off and remounted and refined.

Bondo sculpt.

Floated off, flattened, and finished.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

ALIEN TRESPASS!!!!!!!!!!! OOOOOOO, SCARY!! Well really it's not...

So a while ago (late Sept 'o7) I worked on the film 'Alien Trespass'. You can check it out here:

It was a lower budget film based on the idea of 50's sci-fi flicks. So the film was sent in the 50's era and they even went so far as to have the creature and creature design after the 50's monster movies. In fact the movie was suppose to be a lost film from the 50's, or so goes the marketing for it.

There was 5 of us working on this project creating the suit. I helped as a sculptor, mold maker, foam runner, foam seamer, painter(bottom tentacles only), and also did the finishing vein and silicone work on the suit. I was also involved heavily with the design and creation of the under structure of the suit.

The suit had an animatronic eye, which I was only involved in the installation, not fabrication. It also had rod controlled tentacles on the top of the head.

There was some issues with the foam run sticking to the core, but eventually it all came together, and I really liked the out come! It really does give you that 50's feeling, and the production really liked the end result as well!

Here are some pics of the finished suit, enjoy!

Lastly here is the tip (sculpoted by me) of extending tentacle that came out of the back of the alien. I didn't get a shot of where it sat/came out of due to the fact the back side was unavailable when I took my pics sorry!