Thursday, September 17, 2009


So I did makeup for another HD Lighting seminar for friend and mentor, Stan Edmonds. I originally had planned to do 2 makeup's: gelatin scar and a bondo transfer age makeup. I ended up not getting enough time, with work and everything else, so I was only able to do the gelatin scar.

I sculpted a 3 pieces makeup originally for a caucasian modle (Jon) but ended up having an asian model instean (Pai).

I was actually very pleased with the outcome! The makeup turned out better than I had hoped for and it was a generic fit! It was glued on with pros aid, blended off and finally sealed with Green Marble Selr. I colored it all with Illustrator. The added a touch of matte gel to take down the shine a bit.

For the eyebrow you can see how it was covered over 2/3 in the gluedown pic, I then hand laid hair to to blend the inside of the real brow onto the prosthetic and past it. I love this touch to the makeup!

Sculpt(unfinished and unchahged), prosthetic(note final and different sculpt design) and gluedown.

Finished with flash.

With out flash.

Darker flash.