Thursday, September 17, 2009


So I did makeup for another HD Lighting seminar for friend and mentor, Stan Edmonds. I originally had planned to do 2 makeup's: gelatin scar and a bondo transfer age makeup. I ended up not getting enough time, with work and everything else, so I was only able to do the gelatin scar.

I sculpted a 3 pieces makeup originally for a caucasian modle (Jon) but ended up having an asian model instean (Pai).

I was actually very pleased with the outcome! The makeup turned out better than I had hoped for and it was a generic fit! It was glued on with pros aid, blended off and finally sealed with Green Marble Selr. I colored it all with Illustrator. The added a touch of matte gel to take down the shine a bit.

For the eyebrow you can see how it was covered over 2/3 in the gluedown pic, I then hand laid hair to to blend the inside of the real brow onto the prosthetic and past it. I love this touch to the makeup!

Sculpt(unfinished and unchahged), prosthetic(note final and different sculpt design) and gluedown.

Finished with flash.

With out flash.

Darker flash.


Stan Edmonds said...

What Michael is too modest to tell you all is that we had many big time Cinematographers admire this make-up... including Roberto Schaefer (Quantum of Solace) who said it was better than most of the prosthetics he has had to light!

Michael said...

Ok Stan......yes I did hear them say something along those lines, and yes it was awesome.

I'm usually never happy with the end result of my makeups as there's always something that can be tweaked, so it makes me glad to hear others are happy with it.