Monday, August 24, 2009

Canadian Makeup Show Demo's: Part Two - Makeup's

As promised here are the makeup demo's I did at the Canadian Makeup show held here in Vancouver this past April.

On the first day I did a gelatin burn scar makeup. It consisted of 4 overlapping appliances finished with just a touch of hand laid hair(side burn). Underneath the makeup was a strip of nylon glued under the lower eye then stretched and glued under my model's jawline. This gave the eye a slight sag, and would pull down on his lower lid even more when talking or moved his jaw. It turned out fantastically! It was glued down with pros aid and colored with Illustrator pallets. The largest of all the appliances had bad edges so a bit of bondo was used to blend, in the end It turned out great!!
I got some really nice comments about the makeup. Included in those people were 2 Oscar winners, Ve Neill and Bill Corso, so their kind words were very much appreciated! Anyways here it is, hope you enjoy!

Eye sag (different lighting)

On the second day I did the bondo transfer demo. It just consisted of a bunch of scratches, no notable cause, I just sculpted them where ever I felt really. In the end I applied 9 transfers, ranging from small lip cuts to larger forehead or cheek pieces. They were then colored with Illustrator and then touched up with fake blood. In the end I really like the way it looked when most of the fake blood was removed, it looked the most raw and sore and real.
So here it is!

This is with most of the blood removed.

Finally here is what it looked like with just the bondo pieces before coloring and blood.


Anonymous said...

Your work is absolutely amazing.

I had a chance to see a bit of your work on John during the VFS summer intensive in July. I happened to stumble across some of your work on the effects lab website and I'm so glad I did. I've been interested in the course at VFS since it was first introduced and am hoping to attend it in the near future.

It's great to see someone with so much talent and passion and I really hope that one day I can follow my dream the same way you are. Keep it up.

Brandon Allen
AKA TokyoRose on

Michael said...

Thanks so much!!! Really appreciate your kind words :)

The VFS program is a great start, but no matter what school you choose it's what you do after that counts.

Look forward to seeing your work! If you ever have any questions just ask!

Stan Edmonds said...

Thanks for posting this Michael. It is an excellent reference and teaching sample as well as terrific make-up!

Stan Edmonds

Brandon Allen said...

Thank you very much, I will most definitely take you up on that offer.

I can't wait to see what you come up with next. Take Care.