Saturday, October 03, 2009

First silicone makeup from last year.

This was a silicone makeup I did the same day as HD Trauma. It was for the same HD lighting seminar as well. How ever due to time I did not get pics of the finished makeup . These pics were taken by Jamie's(model) girlfriend. I actually didn't get them till more recently, yeah it's been a while, I know!
Anyways, I did an absolutely shit job of tinting the silicone (as you can see), trust me that's not an every day thing, I swear!! I had no color swatch of Jamie when tinting the silicone, apparently I though he was albino....
It consisted of 3 pieces, 2 nasal labial and a neck waddle. It was glued down with Telesis and painted with JOMO alcohol based airbrush colors, plus a little Illustrator here and there. Before paint I also did a latex stretch and stipple on the rest of the neck, this helped the appliance blend in much better!
Over all the paint job is crap, haha, probably one of the worst I have ever done. The application went well though, and to be honest it looked fantastic 20' tall up on the theater screen! (was projected live from an HD camera)
Even though I'm not terribly proud of this makeup, my blog isn't just about all the work I'm proud of, but more my learning experience. This was my first silicone makeup so it seemed right to have it up on here!

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