Saturday, October 27, 2007

Quick post, older material though!

This is was a dislocated compound wrist fracture. It was made for a BC Hydro first aid relay competition at their company event. I sculpted it on a plate mold and ran with gelatin. I first stippled in some latex in the bone section then backed it with pros aide, once the gelatin was poured and cooled, the latex suck nicely to that area, giving the bone a different shade and texture. The finished effect (colored with skin illustrator), I felt turned out excellent for what it was! The guys who saw it were totally in shock, you'd swear it was real!

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Aeni said...

Ha! I'm doing this for my gore makeup though with the ulna broken near the elbow. Do you have any sculpting images? I'm having a hard time getting mine to look right.

-Aeni from theFXlab and VFS