Friday, January 04, 2008

New scar!! (well sort of)

So while working at VFS as a TA I let a student use the scar mold I had to run some foam pieces for herself. In doing so she also ran a copy for me as well!

So one day (back in Aug '07) I decided to apply the piece and color it. Now before the foam appliance was glued down I used a piece of nylon, glued and anchored to the upper cheek and side neck, to give the face some tautness, resembling tightened scar tissue. It's not super obvious, but you can see some droop on the outside of the left eye. Next time I use this technique, I know I'll go for a little more pull. Also this foam piece was not made for Natalie, but due to the nature of the piece, it would fit just about anyone quite easily!

The piece was glued down with Beta Bond, and colored with a base Pax wash and then Illustrator colors. I wanted this scar to look more raw and new, compared to the gelatin scar which looked much more healed. There is quite of bit of pinks, reds and purples used. Enjoy!!


Andrew Glazebrook said...

Really nice work and a superb blog you have here !!!!

Uncle Reg said...

Nice scar tissue Mike. I'm glad you are updating again - I enjoy seeing your imagination at work.

Michael said...

Thanks so much!! Glad you enjoy it Andrew. Pretty sure I saw your alien guy on the FX lab forum. Great piece!

Thanks Reg, glad you enjoy my work as well! Shame I can't show you my latest, perhaps check out X Files 2 this July. *wink wink*

Patty said...

Good for people to know.