Friday, April 18, 2008

As of late....

I have been super busy working at WCT Productions here in Vancouver. I haven't had time to work on any personal projects, thus haven't posted in some time!!

Anyways I have a bit of down time recently and decided to buy a crap load of new materials I don't have much experience with. This includes platsil gel 10 (yes the infamous) for making GFA's using bald cap plastic. I'm also gonna experiment making molds out of TC-1630 for both silicone and gelatin.

I also bought a crap load of pros aide, with wet slide paper and acetate to get even more comfy with the amazing bondo transfer appliances. I have made quite a few of these now, from sculpting them, to molding them and running the molds. I just want to find out the little things I was always curious about ie: how much shrinkage is there, how much should you over sculpt to compensate and to see if using a food dehydrator works as I've heard for speeding the drying process with good results. Also achieving the correct bondo color mix, as it's super tricky since the end color is way different then the wet bondo mix.

So yeah, I'm planing on doing an aging make up with the silicone work, and some cool crazy things with the bondo appliances (not exactly sure yet). The aging make up will even have a tricky mold too! Planning on doing a 2 piece core full neck appliance mold, where the negative is one piece. The make up will include hand appliances as well.

Anyways I hope to have some sculpts up when ever I get crackin and other cool stuff to post soon!

There is some WCT work that I'm pretty proud of, and will be released in theaters soon! Just have to wait and see what it is!! ;)


Anonymous said...

WOW!! Three thumbs up!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

GREAT stuff, Michael! Look forward to your next age make-up!

Michael said...

I have been lazy and really need to update, one is coming soon I promis!!!!!!