Monday, December 07, 2009

Sculpt update 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes it's been some time...

So though this is the same makeup project from Sculpt update, the sculpt is entirely new! I very much disliked my first attempt, the forms were very unnatural, so I floated it off, did another application of alcote and started all over again. I am much happier with the forms this time around, though there is much to approve upon.
This is the first time doing this large of a multi piece makeup all by myself. I have done fewer piece projects of my own in the past or helped with larger makeup's in the shops, but this is a pretty big task all on your own. It takes many hours, much more than you'd ever think! I have been and still am learning so much from this project, I really look forward to future makeup projects like this as I know exactly how I will go about many things from now on.
So far I have done a rough sculpt, floated it off, made 1630 snaps, remounted the pieces and am now finishing up with final forms and details of the seperate sculpts. I have more or less finished the chin, nose/upper lip and neck. I still have both ears (one's just about done), both cheeks, forehead and back of head to finish.
I hope to get the sculpts finished this week and start the molding next, but we will see! I never know when I have to drop this to do actual paid work instead. I will update with the sculpt pics when all are finished. For now here are some bits of what I've been through so far.
PS: Looking at these pics doesn't really give you a sense of the hours put in so far, but it's many!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Roughed out sculpt.

Snap process.

Collapsible neck positive!
(Very excited for the out come of this mold!!)
Transferred (though not blended) sculpts.

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