Monday, October 16, 2006

Personal Project

So as the days go on I hadn't done anything prosthetic wise lately, so I decided I wanted to create a new make up. I had the face cast of a guy named Gabriel Koenig. He played the zombie(make up done by me, pics below) in my friends film 'A Night of Removal'. So I emailed him up and said "Hey I want to create an aging make up for you, is that ok!?", he was fine with it so I got to'er!

I sculpted all the pieces(3) and created a single negative that would produce all of them at once. I made a forehead piece, that covers the eye brows(new brows were hand laid), then an upper lip piece. This piece was so thin, less than a millimeter I believe, I wasn't even sure it would work, but it ended up working beautifully. The last Piece was the cheeks/chin, it blended off just over the edge of the bottom lip and just under the jaw line. They were all made out of PGG and colored with Illustrator pallete. I think this has been my best sculpt and make up to date, the fore head wrinkles looked awesome and creased very realistically when the fore head moved. The nasal labial folds worked nicely too! There was also a bit of latex stipple around the eyes to add wrinkles and blend the pieces in.

Here you see the finished sculpt before I poured the negative.

Gabriel is actually 20, here you see him looking around 55-60 years old. The make up application took just over 4 hours to complete.
These last 3 pics are of the same make up done the next day believe it or not. I did it for a demo at the FTX representing VFS. I did the make up with the help of a couple VFS make up alumni, Courtney Frey(left) and Amy St. Jean(right, though you can't see her face).
NOTE: This time the make up was completed in just over the 2 hour limit we were given!! I precolored the pieces to save time.

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