Saturday, December 30, 2006

Aging...The latest and most advanced!!(Well for me) UPDATE!!!! SCULPT PICS ADDED!!!!

It has been a while since my last post but I'm still trying to keep busy with my make up. This latest make up creation was brought upon by a request. A fellow by the name of Colin Steele contacted me and asked if I would be able to make him look 80 years old. My response..."I'll do my best" So from the first face cast to the final application was a mere 13 days. For this make up I decided I need to go as far as possible with the prosthetics. That said, I figured it was about time I stepped foot into the realm of wrap appliances. Now in order to get a wrap appliance you first need a flared positive. So what you do is, you take your life cast of the face/neck/collar, AKA a 3/4 cast, and you build taper all around it, then basically do another face cast of the corrected(flared) positive. With this corrected face cast you are able to sculpt an appliance that will wrap around the neck and have the blending edges out of view, but because of the flare on the positive you don't need to worry about any undercuts when sculpting.

Now this was my first attempt, and all I can say is it was a complete success, especially in that the flared positive, mold and appliance came out great. In all I created 5 different prosthetics. A forehead piece that covers the brows, a nose/upper lip piece(first), ear lobe extensions(first as well) and the grand daddy cheeks/chin/neck appliance. Basically everything I had to create for this make up was new, not in technique for all but just the type and size of the piece. I had done noses and upper lips before, but not together as a single piece. Ear lobes I had never done before either.

When it came time to pouring the pieces, I soaked the molds in water so that any air bubbles in he molds would be full of water and would release less or no air, and I wouldn't end up with bubbles in the prosthetics. This worked out pretty good though the nose mold was giving me a few problems. I also didn't soak the wrap mold because of its size, its was big, I think I used about 50 lbs of ultra cal 30, in the making of the flared positive and negative. I had to fill a few bubbles in the end, but the pieces were all really workable and with great blending edges.

When I applied the make up I did the nose/lip piece first, then the wrap, then forehead and the ear lobes last. During the wrap application Colin was actually laying down, cause I had no assistant to help me that day. I honestly really liked this technique, he was relaxed and the piece went on with no trouble what so ever. After this he sat back up for the forehead and ear lobes. The worst part of the application was my color job. It wasn't that great, and honestly could have been a lot better. It was ok in the end though due to the fact it was shot in black and white. Actually in person it looked pretty good, but the pics I took(with flash) didn't turn out very well, all the sculpted fine line detail is not visible, and the color job comes off to pink. I think I really need to be less afraid of browns and really incorporate them more. The hair was colored with spray in and some white skin illustrator. The brows were hand laid(not my best), next time I think I might try punching the brows. The brow color was a little off too, could have been more grey.

Anyways the following pics are what I ended up with, I had a great time applying the make up and was really pleased with how all the pieces came together, enjoy!! In the first 2 pics the eyes are photo shopped a bit to look older, and the first is set in a black and white which the film was shot in.

These last 4 are stills from the footage shot. As you can see it turned out quite nicely, the one thing I didn't do was make up on the hands (I know I know, I should have!!) I didn't because you don't see them much or close up, but I wish I had, oh well, next time!

I thought I'd add these just cause!
They are the sculpt for the wrap appliance.


Anonymous said...

Wow, your makeup's are awesome!

Andrew Glazebrook said...

You have loads of really cool work here on your Blog !!