Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Year old make up!!

Yes this is a year old, it was just a quick make up done as a favour to my friend and mentor Charles Porlier.

Last Halloween, Charles asked me if I could do a pirate make up on the director of marketing at VFS, Stephen Webster. I said sure of course! He mentioned maybe I could use some generic pieces from 'Making It Big' I made a while back.

To be honest though, I am not a fan of generic appliances, especially nose pieces, as they NEVER fit right. So I said, you know what? Just tell him to come down to the class and I'll do a quick fast casting. So that's what I did. Even though it was just the front of his face, not even half his head, Stephen totally got the fear! Little too encased for his liking. The cast turned out great though!

Anyways that night I sculpted, molded and ran the make up pieces.

The molds weren't the prettiest, but it was all done for free, of course it was my choice!!

For me the best part of doing this was the reaction I got from Stephen. He thought he was gonna come down and get a scar "painted" on his face. But when I was finished he was truly blown away. I don't think until that very moment, he realized what the students at the school and make up artists in general do and can do.

I sent him home with a clean up kit since he would wear it home form work and for the evening while he took his kids trick or treating. I asked and the removal went just fine.

The make up consisted of 2 pieces. One huge nose/nasal labial/eye bag piece, and one little piece to continue the scar below his eye to above his brow(note the scar should have gone through his eyebrow, I skipped this to make the removal easier). Glued down with pros aid and colored with Illustrator colors. I laid hair with pros aid as well. There was a shine from the glue in the hair, I should have matted it down, but I didn't, next time!

PS: I had help from Elissa and Laura at VFS putting on Stephen's wig!!


Anonymous said...

Nice work Michael. I always love checking to to see what you have done and it nice to see that you have updated your web site again. Anyways, have a Merry Christmas and I'll seeya around...


Michael said...

Thanks Uncle Reggie!! I have more to put up soon, check back in a week or so. :D