Thursday, January 08, 2009

Some silicone work, from a bit ago.

So last spring while on a break from WCT Productions I did a quick job at SFX Studio Inc. I came in and first had to finish off a sculpt originally started by one of the most amazing sculptors in Vancouver and the world, Jamie Salmon. The first sculpt was about 85% done, I really just completed the sole of the foot.

Then I had the task of sculpting the entire other foot, which had an even further lizard mutations than the first. It's hard tyring to match the sculpting style of another artist, not to mention one with such incredible talent, I feel I did an OK job.

In the end we ran both feet in foam latex, which I painted with pax and Illustrator inks and acrylics. Then we ran a single silicone copy of Jamie's foot, which I seamed and painted with thinned down caulking and oil paints. These are some shots of that finished silicone foot.

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