Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Another demo!? Uh yeah, LA IMATS!!! :O


Anonymous said...

I was looking for info on how to create a collapsible mould when I stumbled upon your blog.
Your work is incredible, I'd love to become as skilled as your goodself and I realise I have much to learn.
Can you offer any advice re work experience or source material?

Mark Danbury

Newcastle upon Tyne,

Michael said...

Hey Mark,

Thanks for the kind words.
Collapsible cores are a tricky thing! As Im sure you know. I dont have too much experience with the more technical ones, the neck molds I made are actually quite simple in terms of creating and using.

What were you wanting to mold that would use a collapsible core? I have head of guys making biscuit foam copies of heads or what ever body part it is, then cutting it up int to the pieces and see if it works properly. Once the find the right cuts, they make the real positive using the same cuts. They also figure a way to keep it all together as a positive. It can actually take quite a bit of engineering to create one that works properly.

I unfortunately have no source material to offer, just experiment liek I said with light weight copies of the head, trying different cuts!

Best of luck!