Monday, July 19, 2010


So here is the finished silicone makeup I did as a demo down in LA this past June at IMATS. It was a 4 piece makeup that included: partial forehead, cheek, nose/upper lip and chin/lower lip.
The silicone was softened to 150%, and was glued down with Telesis. Once it was applied I colored it with JOMO and Skin Illustrator air brush colors. There was some touches done by hand, mianly the scaring and nostril area. Once paint work was finished I hand laid the eyebrow and the right temple hairline.
Took around 4 hours with some heavy crowd disruption (was insanely busy at one point!!) plus a break or 2!
Though most of my sculpt texture was lost in the prosthetic casting phase due to mold problems, and the lack of a contact which I wanted to use to complete the makeup, I'm pretty damn appy with it!
Note: The eye in the first pic was photoshopped to give you some idea what the contact would have done to complete the makeup! Enjoy!

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