Sunday, August 27, 2006

1 Day job!!

Quickly following the zombie film, a guy named Doug from the same class as Jonny(Director of zombie film) asked me to create a prosthetic that would make it look like this clock was embedded in to the main characters arm. The thing was he brought be the clock the day before he wanted to shoot!! So I had to quickly sculpt a piece that would hold the clock and create the negative mold that same day. The result I actually didn't mind! It was a quick job, but really interesting and a good experience to do. I ended up applying the clock for 2 days in a row, this was the first time I have ever applied the same effect twice. Not to shabby, there was also a bit of hair laying involved, just to replace the hair that was shaved away so the prosthetic would stick with out problems. Try to tell where the fake hair is!?

Just a final note, I hate how thick the clock actually was and how much of a slope I had to build to make it look like it was embedded. When he first told me I totally imagined your typical wrist watch with out the straps. Just goes to show how you can envision something completely different than some one else!!!

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