Friday, August 18, 2006

A night of removal..Pt.1

So my friend asked me to create a zombie make up for his student film project. I hadn't done anything for a while in the creating end of prosthetics. I had applied recently but not sculpted or made my own. The end result was awesome. It felt good to get back into sculpting and creating a make up from scratch. The actor, who does acting for fun in his spare time had never had his face cast or had prosthetics on before. So it was a great experience to go through all the steps with someone who's new to it all. I applied the make up with a lot of time available to me..which probably wasn't the best thing, cause I really want to get better at the speed of my application. In the end I applied a forehead piece(covers brows) as well as a cheeks/chin/frontal neck piece . There was also a small cut piece applied to his nose. These were all. I used a duplicate of the nose piece on the upper lip cause it seemed bare. I then applied some hangy bits of latex from the open wounds. I think next time I do something like this I may not do that or do it in a softer way. I spent a lot of time sculpting and then covered it up with blood and latex bits...lesson learned. I still really liked it though..but the best and most favorite make up(effect) to date was still to come...

I added these last pics just cause I liked they way they look..I took them in a very dark room with no flash then did a quick fix on couldnt even see what he looked like until the fix!

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