Friday, August 18, 2006

IMATS....June 24-25, 2006

What Can I was an amazing experience! I was accepted into the character/prosthetics competition. Only me and 8 others were selected from entries all over the world. So just being there was a great honour. I didn't place in the competition, sad but true, but I learnt a lot of things from important!

It was also the first time I ever applied foam latex, so I did my best. What happens is they give you random foam pieces and you have to make them work! They might have bad edges..or might not, they might fit..might not..I had a case of bad edges..but you just have to go with it. I got 3 pieces; a nose, a chin piece that also covered the bottom lip, and a piece that was like a zorro mask, it went around the eyes and had a huge brow, then went up onto the forehead a bit and down onto the cheeks.

My favorite part was Brent's (my model and friend) character presence he gave on stage(the anouncment of winners). It made me laugh so hard during rehearsal they told me to be quiet. Then the actual crowd really liked it as well.

Anyways besides the mentor Charles Porlier (Head of Make Up at VFS) is extremely good friends with Howard Berger(Academy Award winner, best make up effects, Narnia) and he invited me and Brent out to dinner with the two of them and a friend of Howard's. Holy crap...I wanted to ask Howard so many things...he even asked if I had questions, but I could barely think of anything...I'm sure he understood..and maybe even felt good because he saw how awe struck I was to be sitting there with him. He, like Charles, is an incredible make up artist and a huge role model of mine, they are both extremely funny and down to earth, but 150% serious about their work. He had some great advice, and I truly wish to meet him again..maybe even work with/under him one day...who knows!!!

For those who don't know, thats Howard Berger on my right(in pic) and Charles Porlier on my left!

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