Friday, August 04, 2006

Just out of school...

So once being done school, I had the chance to do another aging make up almost instantly. It was great, though my only complaint was my model, she was constantly checking her self every 2 min in her pocket mirror, it started to make me fall behind. Oh well though, she ws nice enough to model for her friend(it was her project, I was just doing the make up), and the piece turned out well. I am still getting my sculpting skills down, I don't mind these pieces(gelatin forehead and a cheeks/chin) though would make the under eye wrinkles much differetly now. As well and the forehead wrinkles. Guess it goes with the territory of learning. I think my biggest thing I need to work on though is coloring. Sometimes it just comes to me, and others I just struggle so much trying to match or find the color I need. I am just getting to know foam latex, and the way you color those pieces and it is quite different! I hope to master it all someday muahahahahahaaaaaaaaaa...hack, cough, weeze!! I'll once again try to update asap this was done back in March, seems so late to show it now. But I just felt I should start from the beginning. So once again please enjoy, and comments are always welcome..

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